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January 9, 2008………. This evening my book signing was at A Great Good Place for Books, a small, intimate book store in the Montclair District of Oakland, CA..  This was my second discussion gig and I used the same presentation from Monday, but revised it to improve the flow of information.  We had a reasonable attendance and I sold several books.  One thing to note is that each store has a different seating arrangement so I suggest authors get to their gig at least a half-hour before show time to get situated. Before I left, I signed the store’s stock of my book so Kathleen, the owner, could sticker them with "Signed by the Author" to help boost sales.  I do this at each book store, too.


Afterwards, my friends Susan and Steve, who live in the area, hosted a small gathering at their home.  Steve makes the best pizza!  Yum, yum.  Susan and Steve are members of the Contra Costa Home Winemakers Group, as we are, and we all shared the fruits of our labor.  Yum, yum, yum.


Alas, my photos from this evening went poof in cyberspace. I thought I had downloaded them into the computer and my husband cleared the flashcard by the time I discovered my error. Boo hoo. One thing I like about our wine making hobby is that I get to design our labels. The bottles above are from the book release party last November. We didn’t bring sparkling for this party but the labels were the same with the cover of the book. If you want to see more of my labels and some of our awards, you can go to . I’m ashamed to say that it is a bit out of date, but last year was just as successful as what you’ll see on the website.


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