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January 5, 2008……….Book store signings and events are each unique and I've met many wonderful people.  This evening I was at Book Passage in Corte Madera.  This was my first signing to do a discussion with Q&A before the signing but I wasn't nervous.  I put together a series of lessons from my journey and the story.  I had 17 people in the audience, the most to this date.  Not bad for a Monday night on the first day of many people going to work after the holidays.  The NBC cameraman showed up to film the event for use in my Dateline story that should air in March.  This is the first event where I had a glass pitcher of water with ice and lemon and a real glass of water on a tray next to the podium.  Very nice! 

I feel honored to have presented at this store where many famous authors have appeared over the years.  In fact, Jimmy Carter will be there in February.  The events person treated my husband and I to coffee in the cafe before the event.  It was fun to sit there and watch people pick up my book from a center display, purchase it, and leave.  They weren't even coming to the event, yet they bought my book!  At the end of the event, Book Passage gave me a thank you gift of beautiful note cards with an imprint of my name.  Very classy.

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