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        Here I am at Barnes & Noble in Pleasant Hill, CA

November 28 - 30, 2008……….This was a whirlwind of activity right after Thanksgiving.  On Friday I signed books at Barnes & Noble in Dublin, CA..  The Christmas shoppers were out in force and my table was set up near the entrance.  While I didn't sell that many books (I had been warned that you don't sell a lot at book signings) I took the opportunity to observe human behavior.  There were those who saw my table and made a point of walking down the aisle that didn't pass my table.  Others walked right by but kept their eyes straight ahead or in the opposite direction, as if I had a communicable disease.  As a newbie, I didn't realize I needed to be more outgoing and engage the customers as they walked by, not just give them a welcoming smile.  But I was learning.

On Saturday I signed books at Barnes & Noble in Pleasant Hill, CA..  I was part of our California Writer's Club event where several of our members had their books available. It's our annual fund raiser for our Young Writer's Contest held each May for middle school children in our county. I did better with sales at this event.  I was learning.  I had to reel the customers in so they would pause by the table. 
 "Hi.  Do you like true crime or memoir?  If so, you might be interested in my book.  It's a true story."  I also had several people show up who had already read the book and wanted to meet me.  They had such kind these to say about how the book inspired them.

On Sunday I was at the Borders in San Ramon, CA..  This was another awesome day....not necessarily in book sales....but in the women who came in to meet me, some with tears in their eyes as they shared their terrible experiences with their own antisocial men.  I wrote the book to help others and it was heartwarming to see that desire being fulfilled.

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