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This morning I set the alarm for 5:15 am but was awake before the TV blared into the darkness.  No time for sleepy eyes.  I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower.  I know.  I know.  I could have not worried about looking my best because who was going to see me?  Sierra the cat?  Rex, my husband?  I could have been in pj's and bunny slippers -- except that I don't own any bunny slippers -- but I had decided this interview was special and a deluge of warm water was a good way to make sure I didn't yawn into the phone.  Rex made me a pot of coffee and I was set.

Jack Pattie called me exactly at 6 am to make sure I was awake.  We hung up and the phone rang promptly at 6:10 am.  Jack addressed the listening audience and explained the format of his program "Forensic Friday" and how he had a true crime author as a guest on alternate Fridays.  He said today he had a true crime author but with a little different twist -- she was also the victim.  (Remember, in the true crime genre, the vicitm is dead.) 

Jack is a wonderful interviewer.  What impressed me right away is that I could tell by his questions that he had read the book.  I felt relaxed and as comfortable as if we were sitting across the table having a morning chat over a cup of steaming coffee.  Thank goodness I kissed the Blarney Stone some years back because I definitely have the gift of gab.  Sometimes I had to pause to process the questions Jack presented me, trying to determine what exactly he was looking for since I have a lot of experiences detailed in the book.

There was one technical glitch -- I think someone manning the call board in the station hit the wrong button when I got a dial tone in my ear about half-way through the program.  I was reconnected shortly but this delay meant that Jack was not able to take calls from his listeners and we continued on to the end of the show.  In the last 30 seconds I gave a pitch about how my book was written to be an educational tool to learn about psychopaths, domestic violence and going beyond self.  I mentioned how the Introduction talks about psychopaths and domestic violence and how the appendices contained Survival Tips and Resources.  I asked the listeners to buy and read the book -- it just might save their lives.

Thank you, Jack, for your sensitivity in handling the subject matter and for your interest in my story.


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