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My editor emailed me the final cover including my photo/bio page.  OH MY GOD!  It is gorgeous, stunning, eye-catching.  I love the photo on the book's spine.  Thank you to all the Berkley Books cover design folks who worked on it.  I can’t help but believe that it will help the books fly off the bookstore shelves.


Speaking of the cover, I don’t think I’ve addressed blurbs in my know, those statements that appear on the front, back or inside covers that catch your eye and entice you to buy the book.   Imagine my surprise last year when I found out that obtaining the blurbs was the author’s responsibility.  I was naive enough to think that somehow the publisher provided them after the reviewers read the galleys.  So at the time I had contacted a few people and got the input of two strong female authors.  One was Patricia Evans, author of “The Verbally Abusive Relationship.”  The other was Melody Beattie, author of “Co-dependent No More.”  Wow, was I buzzed.  Then earlier this year I decided I needed a few more.  The search began and I put my trust in my Higher Power.  He hasn’t failed me yet.


I connected with Susan Brown, who is a therapist that has worked with victims of psychopaths.  She has a fantastic website...look on my websites link page.  We exchanged emails and I sent her the manuscript.  She wrote a powerful blurb linking my experience to that of Laci, Tracy, and Nicole.  Wow!


I knew I wanted another blurb but didn’t know where it would come from.  Then my Higher Power provided the husband and I received an invitation to attend a private reception before Mary Matalin and James Carville were to speak at the local lecture series.  For each lecture, the Dean Lesher Center highlights a local charity and the private reception for about 20 people is for their guests to meet the speakers.  We support Community Violence Solutions and we were asked if we’d like to attend.  We jumped at the chance.


We arrived early and the small room was filled by the time Mary and James arrived.  At some point I walked up to Mary and said, “I love it, I love it” while pointing to the reading glasses hanging from her necklace.  Let’s face it.  The eyes are one of the first things to go as we age!  That opened a conversation where I told her about my book.  She asked questions and gave me publicity hints.  She said my story was interesting on so many different levels and she continued to chat with me even though I pointed out that there were others that would like to speak to her.  Finally we broke apart and I later gave her a business card that I had thrown together right before we had left for the theater. 


The next day I looked Mary up on the Internet and, when I saw her contact information, I made a brave and bold decision.   I hand-wrote a personal note to Mary and asked if she would do a blurb for my book.  She said yes.  Wow!

HINT:  Be ready to network where ever you are, be prepared to speak up proudly for your book or idea.  Make your passion heard.  You will be surprised how many times this will help you in your publishing process, at all different stages. 



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