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Next Step - Review the Copyedited Manuscript

Friday, March 21, 2008

The email arrived on Monday, March 10th,  to tell me that the copyedited manuscript would arrive via FedEx the next day.  I was instructed to review the edits and answer Author Questions from Amy, the copy editor.   Not bad, except that I had to have the manuscript back in the publisher's hands by March 24th and my busy schedule meant I had to scrunch my review into two days.  Fortunately, I made it with time to spare.   To show you how much the manuscript weighs, it cost sixty-nine dollars to send it back overnight with a 10 am delivery by UPS.  Ouch!  The photo above shows how the copy editor reviews the manuscript and marks it according to the changes that she feels are necessary.  I marvel at her attention to detail and appreciate how each step continues to improve the manuscript for clarity.  Special thanks go out to all my editors along the way.

I still have to review the photo layout and will have a publicist assigned somewhere down the road.  This is an exciting journey and I am so pleased I can share it with you.

Here's wishing the Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolate!


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