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The Changeable World of Publishing


The Latest Progress in the Publishing Journey or

What an Exciting Changeable World

Monday, February 25, 2008

Publishing - what a wild and wacky world to get my book on bookshelves.  I'm now on my second literary agent as Rachel changed agencies and my signed contract is with Lowenstein and Yost Associates, Inc..  I'm on my third publishing editor.  Samantha and Katie left the business for exciting new adventures and Shannon is now guiding my manuscript through the publishing maze.  I feel blessed as each editor has added to the future success of the project.  My manuscript was accepted in September 2007 but I have gone back at Shannon's request to tidy up a few loose ends.  The book changed names from THE ADMIRAL'S WIFE to A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL: A TRUE STORY OF MARRIAGE TO A PSYCHOPATH.  Negotiating that during my trip to China made me feel how small the world's become with the Internet. 


The publisher's lawyer reviewed the manuscript and I had some minor changes to attend to as well.  I've been involved in the evolution of the book cover and respect Berkley Books for listening to my concerns and recommendations.  The copy for the back has been written along with my bio information.  Rex took some portrait shots of me and we've selected the one that will be inside the back cover with the bio.  I have yet to see the photo insert but I did provide one more photo of the Inaugural Ball that may be used inside the front cover.  So what's left?  Approve the photo insert.  Review galley of the completed book.  Get a publicist from Berkley Books assigned to me.   Start planning my marketing strategy including book signings.   Each step of the way is a wonderful learning experience.  I'm so grateful to all who have helped my publishing journey.  I look forward to the hustle and bustle of book signings and public appearances. 



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