November 26th, 2008



It was a perfect day for a book signing.  The sun filtered through the colorful autumn leaves and there was not a cloud in the sky.  There could be no weather excuse to keep readers at bay.  I walked through the door of Clayton Books and Joel, the owner, immediately called to me and said that people had come in that morning asking for my book -- people who did not even know that I would be in the store later that day for the event featuring eight local authors.

At 2 pm, the event started out with two at a time going to the front table and giving a five to ten minute talk about the book.  I hadn't realized I was to give a short talk but since I would be number three it gave me a few moments to gather my thoughts.

I've given many speeches, to larger crowds than the twenty people who sat before me, so what followed was a surprise to me.  I got very emotional asI started to give a short synopsis of the book.  My voice began to quiver and I choked on my words.  I briefly stopped, took a deep breath and continued.  Then I read the short passage where I'm flying out of DC after the murder attempt.  When I finished I worked my way to the back of the crowd.  Several people holding one or more of my books indicated they needed to leave and asked if I could go ahead and sign.  I slipped quietly to the front of the store, sat in one of the comfortable black leather chairs and signed away.  Later, after the speaking was done, and the chairs had been cleared,  I took my place at one of the tables that had been set up for the authors.

Later Joel told me he sold all but three copies and he had me sign those.  Then he really surprised me.  He said that several people told  him they were disappointed that I had not spoken longer, so he asked me to come back in January and do an evening event where I will be the only author.  Yippee!

Also during the event the editor of a local newspaper, The Concordian, asked if I could do a follow-up interview for him.  I said sure and I think that happens next week.  The publicity train just keeps rolling along. 

Happy Thanksgiving!