November 21st, 2008



Every now and then I do a Yahoo! search on the title of my book.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a link saying that my book had been submitted for an Edgar* Award!  I immediately clicked on the link and found out that the Edgar* Awards are considered the most prestigious in the genre.  I am VERY excited even though I found out that most publishers submit their new mystery and crime genre books and to be submitted is no big thing.  Well, I think it's a BIG thing.  To be on the list means that I had a book published.  That's a feat in itself, isn't it?  There is a committee that reviews all the entries to select the five nominations for the award in several categories (sounds like the Academy Awards!).  On the Mystery Writers webpage, click on Awards & Programs in the left column, then Current Submissions.  I'm in the Best Fact Crime category.  If you scan down the list you'll see that Ann Rule has also had a book submitted.  I feel quite honored to be on the list!  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  The nominations are announced in January. 

Thanks for continuing to follow this amazing publishing journey that I'm taking.

* Edgar is a registered trademark