November 16th, 2008



Last Thursday I got an email from Caitlin Brown, my publicist at Berkley Book, saying that DATELINE NBC was interested in my story.  I said a few prayers, kept my fingers crossed and did three extra good deeds for the day.  On Friday I received another email.....DATELINE will do my story.  I let out a yell and Rex ran into the room to see what was happening.  He was glad I hadn't seen a mouse (I'm terrified of a scrambling mouse and can emit loud noises if one scampers by me).  I immediately picked up the phone and called Caitlin and kept my next series of screams to a low volume.  It's another "Oh my God" moment.  I'm waiting to hear from a producer from the show to find out what the next steps are going to be.

In the meantime my Internet radio interview yesterday went great.  People ask me if I'm nervous when I do this kind of event.  I say no, it's just like having a conversation with a friend over the telephone.  Since Rex has his computer in another room he was able to listen to the broadcast.  My sister called after the show.  She lives on the east coast but she had been able to tune in.  Oh, the wonders of the Internet age!