October 2nd, 2008



Last week my publicist advised me that A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL had been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews.  This news didn't mean a whole lot to me until she told me that "not only is it difficult to get a book reviewed by Kirkus, they are known to be extremely critical as well.  Barbara, congrats on this positive critique."  My editor said, "I'll second that, Barbara -- Kirkus is notoriously nasty, so this is a doubly great review!  Congratulations."  So this is another "Oh my God" moment in my publishing journey.  I wonder what doors will open now?  Hmmm.

Wikipedia says that Kirkus Reviews is an American book review journal located in New York City.  It was founded in 1933 and it serves the book and literary trade sector, including libraries, publishers, literary and film agents, film and TV producers and booksellers. It is owned by The Nielsen Company and is part of Nielsen Business Media's US Music & Literary Group.  Kirkus Reviews is published on the first and 15th of each month. Reviews appear two to four months prior to a book's publication, and it features approximately 5,000 titles per year: fiction, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, translations, nonfiction and children's and young-adult (YA) books. Kirkus has long been a respected, authoritative pre-publication review source within the literary and film industries.  Reviews are anonymous and done by experts in the genre being reviewed.

Here's a look at a small part of the review.

"The first-time memoirist narrates this improbable nightmare in an easy-to-read conversational style that makes it all the more unsettling. ....  An engrossing modern-day fable, particularly timely in the age of anonymous Internet dating."