July 23rd, 2008



 Over the last two years I have stashed bits of papers in a basket with possible book signing locations or scribbled information about the local network TV personalities that I have had the opportunity to meet.  I recently categorized my data and started putting together a detailed list that I must get to my publicist at Berkley Books in the next couple of weeks.  


One person I wanted to contact was the woman who runs the local newspaper’s book club.  It’s a large club and has actually prompted a best seller and notice from Oprah.  I figured....what the heck....all she could say was no.  So I sent her a copy of my email “Latest News for A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL” and asked if would be interested in staying on my distribution list (sign up on my webpage and you can be on the list, too).  She replied within the hour and said YES, keep her on the list.  Then she absolutely floored me.  She asked for two books (one for her and one for her boss) and said she would be interested in doing an interview.  Her boss would be the one to make the final decisions.  So I quickly emailed the message to her boss and invited both of them to my private pre-release party.  Keep your fingers crossed. 


Another publicity event shaping up is at a local credit union.  This will be featured as a benefit for members and the president said she would also advertise the event in two local newspapers.  They would like to bring in new members so this will be a Win-Win situation for both of us.  My editor said this was a first for her.


HINT:  Put it out there.  Ask in a professional manner and respect the people you contact.  It can take you places you never thought you would go.  Use passion, a plan, patience and persistence to make your dreams come true....be they for publishing a book or another worthy goal.