July 9th, 2008



My editor emailed the photo insert for my review and approval.  It was another one of those moments. Tears welled in my eyes and I could hardly breathe as I flipped through the pages illustrating moments in my life.  I had sent the photo layouts to the publisher over a year before and to see them now, laid out as they will look in the book, took my breath away.  There were a few minor changes and we got those quickly out of the way.


Now, here’s how photos work for a book.  Everyone identified in the photo must give their permission to allow it to be published.  The photographer must also give his/her permission.  Berkley Books provided a template contract and I had to track down all involved.  It took some time but I had finally assembled the necessary papers and provided those along with the photos...which, by the way, the publisher needed in TIFF format...another learning curve for this first time author!