June 7th, 2008



I’m having fun with the publishing process and also using the opportunity to support local charities. In June my husband and I went on the live auction block at one of the fund raisers. The winner paid $1,000 for an evening with the author and winemaker and she plans to invite her book club. We will show up for a party of no more than 10 people. I will have 10 books to sign.  I’ll do a reading from A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL: A TRUE STORY OF MARRIAGE TO A PSYCHOPATH, show the DVD of my “Final Justice” appearance and Rex will pour a case of our award winning Bentley Cellars wine. The package included a $300 gift certificate to a local restaurant that caters so the winners will have a food source if they choose to use it the same evening. The winner plans to invite her book club. What a kick this will be and what a wonderful way to use the book to support a group that works to eradicate domestic violence.