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Title of the Book Is Changing


The Title of the Book Is Changing

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gettysburg, PA..

Here's a toast to my publishing journey as it twists and turns every step of the way.  My literary agent Rachel changed agencies and has taken some of her clients with her but since my signed contract is with Lowenstein-Yost, I remain behind.  Also, it's great fun to be working with my Katie, my new editor at Berkley Books.   It's interesting to see what the next phone call or email will bring.  The next BIG change is that the title "The Admiral's Wife" is going...going....gone.  Katie feels it had too much of a military appeal and would not attract our target audience.  But she does like "A Memoir of Love, Lies and Surviving A Psychopath."  I've come up with several possible titles including "Like a Phoenix Rising" because I feel that's what I've done.....I've risen from the ashes to go on and create a beautiful life based on my experiences.    The next step for title selection will be a phone conference with the publisher, editor and copy department.  I feel like I'm running with the big dogs and still can't believe I'm in the pack.  Have a great day and keep smiling.  This photo was taken during our visit to



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Delays, delays, delays. Keep the faith. The book will eventually, inevitably be published. My daughter, whose novel was supposed to hit the shelves this September, has been rescheduled for November 2008. And so it goes. Nice to hear from you. You look happy (why not?) and well. Have fun and don't let whatever glitches lie in the road get you down.
--Lois W.

Leave the title as "the Admiral's Wife", it has an appealing lure to it.     –Anonymous



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