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New Direction for My Book


New Direction for My Book

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Here I am in Washington DC in April during the time of the editor change-over.  My new editor Katie finally got around to reading my manuscript a couple of weekends ago.  She sent me an email that said I was off to a great start but that she had some ideas she'd like to pass by me.  To say the wind was taken out of my sails is putting it lightly.  I didn't know where Katie was going and it sort of bothered me.

 Well, where she wanted to go is in an absolutely wonderful direction.  She sees the story more like I see it - as a memoir to help others learn about psychopaths.  What's more, she wants to see the book come out as Trade Paperback, not the mass paperback that was the original thought.  This means I'll get a better chance at reviews and interviews on my way to making THE ADMIRAL'S WIFE a best seller.  Yippee!
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