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Here's the press release for my latest book.


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Little book delivers big with simple, easy-to-follow message for making dreams come true

My success as a novelist began when I adopted the principle of the four P’s. Many have talent, but it is pursuing our dreams with passion and overcoming obstacles with patience, persistence and, sometimes prayer that brings true success. The Little Book of Success should be on every home coffee table.
~ Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author

Life can be complicated, but our response to it needn’t be. So says Barbara Bentley in her slim, unassuming, and highly inspirational book The Little Book of Success: Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Four Simple Tools.

While writing her acclaimed first book, A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath, Bentley realized she was relying on four simple tools to get through the planning, drafting, and publishing process. What’s more, it dawned on her that these “4 P’s” – passion, planning, patience, and persistence – had time and again turned her dreams into reality. Though Bentley had other plans, “This little book demanded to be written.”

One chapter at a time, The Little Book of Success documents how the simple and effective tools of passion, planning, patience, and persistence helped Bentley build a house, earn a college degree, write a book, and craft a legislative bill that eventually became law. Each chapter concludes with questions that invite readers to “Give it Some Thought,” while the print version of the book includes a few lined pages for readers to jot down ideas that emerge.

“Lessons learned are lessons to be shared,” Bentley notes. “The fact is, in spite of difficult circumstances, dreams can come true and success can be achieved with the help of these four simple and completely free tools.”

In keeping with this philosophy, Bentley maintains the website to educate the public and to provide links to agencies and websites that can help victims who have encountered a psychopath.

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Author: Barbara Bentley grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Marketing and was the Outstanding Undergraduate of the Business School at Golden Gate University in 1986. Her new degree allowed her to advance in the Quality Assurance arena, from which she retired after a thirty-nine-year career. A victim’s advocate in California, she was directly responsible for the passage of Assembly Bill 16 that changed California divorce law. Her story was featured on Lifetime's Final Justice and NBC's Dateline, and the Huffington Post highlighted A Dance with the Devil as one of five books to read to learn about psychopaths. She lives with her husband in Northern California, where they share their passion for photography, winemaking, and traveling.

The Little Book of Success: Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Four Simple Tools

By Barbara Bentley

Available in paperback ($5.99) and as an eBook ($2.99) at

For more information, email or visit

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