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To Blog or Tweet?

I can't believe that's it's been over a year since I wrote something on this blog.  It's not for lack of content.  There are enough happenings in everyday life to provide fodder.  Maybe deep down I figure that readers are not really interested in reading my extraneous thoughts as they can choose from so many active bloggers who are willing to share their musings.  But what it really comes down to is TIME.  There are only 24 hous in the day and, with all the social media available, I would have to sacrifice too many of those hours to be active on all the sites. 

So early on I chose to concentrate on my web page and blog.  For a writer, we're told that we MUST have at least one of each to reach out to our target audience.  Alas, I found that I was not very good at blogging and I latched onto Twitter as my preferred method of sharing my thoughts.  I like the idea of 140 characters.  Brevity sometimes does provide clarity and it's a good exercise in editing.  My Twitter name is @BarbaraBentley, making it easy for someone to find me.  I now have 11,859 followers.  In case you're not up on Twitter followers, many of these are people out to sell a service and I refer to them as my "not real" followers.  The "not real" followers use programs that blitz the Twitter world with auto-follow programs. 

But many of my followers are "real."  They are woman to whom I have religiouosly reached out to share my thoughts on domestic violence, psychopaths, recovery, and positive living.  I also like to share my photographs of nature.  I have worked my way through the alphabet, targeting women's names, and have reached the letter R.  But I am selective.  I choose not to follow people who feel a need to be vulgar or sell themselves for sex. 

As you can imagine with over 11,000 followers, I can't read all the Tweets that pop up.  But I enjoy each tweet that comes to me as an @BarbaraBentley or DM (direct message) and I answer every single one.   And for those who do not want to sign up with Twitter, I feed my tweets to the home page of my website  

So now you know why my blog entries are few and far between.  But don't give up on me.  I will try to do a little better with thoughts that take more than 140 characters to share.  In fact, I'm going to post something in a couple of minutes.

Thanks for reading and, as always, may you feel laughter in your life.

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