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The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men, and Authors Visiting NYC

Taken from the top of a moving tour bus!
Instead of turning over a new leaf, I think it shriveled up and blew away before I could follow-up on my promise.  Ahh, the best laid plans of mice, men, and authors can oft go astray.  I can't believe March 14th was my last post.

In April my husband and I went to New York City for eleven days so I could do some publicity for my book.  I went to four bookstores to sign stock.  In the Borders at Columbus Circle on April 18, I was standing at the counter getting ready to sign 14 copies when a woman came up and asked the clerk for two books she had ordered.  I held my book out, introduced myself as the author, and said she might like to buy mine.  She took it, glanced at the cover, and said yes.  I signed it for her and gave her a business card.  She in turn gave me hers, which showed that she had a radio show in CT.  I said, "I do radio interviews."  She read the book and this morning I had the most fantastic interview on her show on  Check it out.  It has neat visuals while you're listening to music from the sixties, seventies, and eighties.

Back to the New York trip, on April 19, I was on a panel for Meet the Authors for the Big Apple Conference put on by the International Womens Writing Guild.  I met some ladies I hadn't seen for fifteen years!  I also sold ten books.

On April 20, we met up with my editor, Shannon, and my publicist, Caitlin, at Berkley Books, Penguin, USA.  It may have rained on us as we went to lunch and back, but it didn't dampen our spirits.  What lovely ladies...I'm so fortunate to have them as part of my publishing journey.

I also had the good fortune to get tickets to the Live with Regis and Kelly show on April 21.  Little did I know that Regis and Kelly come out to the audience during the commercial breaks.  Fortunately we were sitting in the first row and I just happened to have a copy of my book with me (I was going to give it to Ivette, whom we were to meet afterwards).  In a spur of the moment decision, I popped up and gave Kelly my book.  I asked if she'd like me to autograph it for her after the show and she said yes.  Then she read the back and her jaw dropped.  She didn't want to give it up to the assistant when it was time to go back on the air.  To say I was jazzed is putting it mildly.  And it goes to show that you have to be ready to market your book whenever and wherever.

That evening we met with Katie for dinner at the Redeye Grill opposite Carnegie Hall.  Katie was the second editor I had at Berkley and she saw me through the first round of edits and the name change before she left to pursue a career at her alma mater.  We had fun remembering all the antics of dealing with each other while I was in China and Japan for six weeks in 2007.

Wednesday, April 22, was like a dream come true.  We got to see Angela Lansbury on Broadway in Noel Cowards "Blithe Spirit."  She's a living legend and, at 83, was so energetic on stage she made me tired.  What a lady!  Thanks, Angela, for sharing your talents with the world.

Thursday, April 23, was NBC day.  We took the studio tour then me up with Sarah, my producer from DATELINE.  One of her editors, Andy,  joined us and we went to lunch in Rockefeller Center.  Then she gave us a tour of her office and floor.  We left her to work and we went on the Radio City Music Hall tour.  Quite interesting.  We followed that up with going to dinner with Sarah, her son, and my correspondent on the piece, Dennis Murphy.  What a fantastic day.

Friday evening we had dinner with Hannelore Hahn, the founder and director of the International Women's Writing Guild.  She is a lovely lady and an inspiration to many.

Saturday, April 25, we took the train to Albany, NY, for the day to visit a friend that I first met in 1993 at the International Womens Writing Guild summer conference in Saratoga Springs.  It was a two-and-a-half hour ride along the Hudson each way and a sunny day.  My friend Hyla is 83 years old and a role model.  She still teaches tai chi!

There were many more wonderful adventures to Ellis Island, Museum of Natural History, bus tours, etc..  But, as always with travel, it was good to get home.


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