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January 24, 2009……….I’ve started the process once more….this time I want to get my fairy tales published. I wrote FAIRY TALES FROM THE HEART: THE BLACKSMITH’S DAUTHER TRILOGY over several years and have also done watercolor illustrations for each story. The editor for A DANCE does not do children’s books so I am almost at square one again in the publishing journey. I say almost because I did get a lead from my agent for someone she knows in the business. Also, I have a lot more experience under my belt. I’m jazzed about my fairy tales because I had two children’s authors read the tales and they loved them, including the illustrations. A manager at a Barnes & Noble also read the first tale and absolutely adored it. She even recommended where it would be placed in her store….picture books for the 4 – 7 year old range. Here’s a sample from “The Blacksmith’s Daughter” that goes with the illustration above.


       “Inside, the Blacksmith’s Daughter stood in a dark room lit only by a moonbeam shining through a small stained glass window. The moonbeam illuminated winding stone steps at the end of the room. She slowly climbed the stone steps. There was no other way to go.

        At the top of the stone steps, she crept toward an open doorway and peeked inside to see a large hall lit by glowing colored candles and warmed by a roaring fire in a huge fireplace. A wise old man with long silver-white hair sat in a red high-backed chair facing the fireplace. He wore a blue velvet robe and his feet rested on a white bear rug.”




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